Film Score and Sound Design for Movies and Games

We operate in the audio industry since 1996 and above all, we focus on understanding our client’s needs and wishes.

Every step of our production process is based on transparency and collaboration. To clarify, partnership.

We believe sound design is a storytelling tool. Therefore, it is capable of making dramatic aspects stand out.

In conclusion, film score and sound design must be at the service of the story.


| Orchestration | Film Score | Music Supervision |

Count on the versatility of our composers and orchestrators. 

Ensure unity of sound language with our experience in music supervision.

| Sound FX | Foley | Sound Design | 

We create the soundscape of your story with original and creative effects.

We design your sound from scratch with coherence and consistency.

| Audio Repair | Audio Editing | ADR |

Bring us your production sound to edit. 

We also edit dialogues, sound fx and music.

| Mixing | Surround | Loudness |

Let our audio engineers balance the sound elements of your project.

We deliver your mix in the desired format and meeting your distributor’s Loudness standards.

Film Score

Sound Design



Do you wanna know more about our work method and how we can collaborate?

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